material recycling

Solid waste reduction and sustainable site development.

green-focused RECYCLING

Rakowski Recycling is committed to solid waste reduction and sustainable site development. We’re meeting the demand for green-focused demolition and site clean up by offering a wide range of recycling operations.

Our two licensed recycling facilities service residential, commercial and industrial sectors. 

we accept incoming waste streams from the public, we then process/recycle the material and then market the products on the open market. 

our facilities offer the following services:

  • Concrete Crushing and Screening
  • Scrap Metal Recycling Ferrous and non ferrous
  • Waste Wood Recycling 
  • Glass and Porcelain Recycling 
  • Building Materials and Equipment Recovery, Storage and Sales

our mobile recycling services include:

  • Concrete processing, crushing and screening
  • Metal recycling and processing. Scrap baling and shearing
  • C&D material separation and screening
  • Equipment and asset recovery

consulting services

We provide consulting services to contractors or supply complete, start-to-finish implosions. We work closely with consulting engineers to perform pre-blast surveys and seismic monitoring.

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